Android Development

    Technologies come and go, but certainly leave behind a sea of opportunities that have to be tapped. 8xsolutions assist you to avail the opportunities. Today, Android app development has become crucial for all business as the use of smartphones has gone up significantly. 84.7 percent of all handheld devices work on android applications worldwide. 8xsolutions delivers highly scalable and robust Android-based mobile apps that are bespoke to suit your business necessities.

    IOS Development

    Do you wish to grab the hold of the market with your company’s app and boost your ROI? 8xsolutions, a reliable iOS development services company, is the best partner you can have on this journey. Our proficiency to draw and craft out a superlative iOS app out of scratch add to the value of your company and your clients. 8xsolutions delivers high-performance iPhone/iPad mobile apps that establish a tangible mobile brand for your business.


    Web Development

    Looking for a reliable web design and development company? 8xsolutions is a trusted ISO certified to carry out the custom website design and development requirements in a number of countries. A perfectly designed website is indubitably the most crucial requirement for a business owner, who steps into the online business world and covets to offer 100 percent satisfaction to his clients.

    PHP Development

    Surely PHP is world’s most used, tested and ideal open-source platform that have finely supported millions of websites all over the world. Some of the world’s largest and busiest websites run on PHP. PHP is very robust and flexible to develop every type of websites. 8xsolutions is a leader in open-source technology; PHP is our core competency. We offer a large variety of services and solutions exclusively designed to meet business’s requirements. Our expertise and experience come from different projects from various clients worldwide.


    ASP.net Development

    8xsolutions has rich experience and expertise in developing ASP.NET large-scale web apps and high-performance ASP.NET websites. We have skilled ASP.NET Team members, who are abreast with the modern developments in this field. Every project that comes to 8xsolutions is completed using latest models and practices in development keeping performance and scalability and key standards in mind. 8xsolutions offers a vast range of services on ASP.Net with the support of our several years of ASP.NET development experience and rich web application development expertise ever since the days of .Net Framework 1.0.

    E-commerce Development

    With the advent of Internet, many things have changed over the course of time so did the marketing and especially shopping. Today, the changed behavior of consumers has brought ecommerce into spotlight making it crucial for any business. Ecommerce lets retail or any online business from accessories to books, booking to travelling and education leveraging internet technology to the fullest to boost their profits. Every customer wants to save their time, effort and money, and looks for convenience; 8xsolutions makes it possible with its quality ecommerce development.

    WordPress Development

    WordPress has been built by a worldwide community of developers, designers and users. Whether you realize it or not, you interact with many WordPress websites every day. There are more than 75 million WordPress websites, and it’s estimated that nearly 15 percent of the top million sites in the world are powered by WordPress. At 8xsolutions, we specialize in building custom WordPress web sites as a flexible and powerful solution to managing your content.